all our facial treatments include 3 areas

Beauty has so many forms, but the most important thing is
confidence and loving yourself.


Microneedling is all the rage in skincare and for good reason.
Is a non-invasive and safe procedure, which involves an electric skin needling pen device, affixed with mini-needles (with detachable heads of 12, 24 36 micro-needles).
J.S. Skin Evolution MICROCURRENT 4

Wish Pro

The magnetic pulses, convert to a mild electrical energy field. It is this field that allows the heads and capsules to stimulate, penetrate and infuses vital serums deep into the skin.


PLASMA PEN is one of the most innovative cosmetic devices for treating the extras skin and lifting skin whiteout surgery. Plasma Pen is the latest beauty treatment in the field of beauty.

Client Testimonials

I know Dana, like cosmetics, for a while and from the beginning, her work ethic and respect for the client’s results & satisfaction have been so clear.
I have had so many skin problems in my life, so for me is fundamental that I can trust the person’s qualifications & the quality of the products. I can fully recommend it!

Dana provides compassionate, correct, and effective treatments. I am very satisfied with the result in each case. Products are effective, well-tolerated, economical, and smell good.

I took a cure for age spots, and my skin has gotten better, but I have to work with the products every day to keep the result. Regular use of Needling Fractional and Plasma has reduced my wrinkles. My skin has become fresher. I work therapeutically and lay on natural products W Value. Since I’m still working, I can afford the products.
A big thank you to Dana for your commitment.

I have already received various facial treatments from Dana: A very fine and (at least for me) painless microneedling and an eyelid plasma, which was a bit more painful. The result was always very good after a few weeks. Dana is very diligent in her work and the products she offered me to prepare/heal are top-notch. In addition, Dana is a very likable and emphatic young woman.

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